Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Speed Channel forum about Barrett-Jackson auction I found a guy who got screwed like the rest of Us and posted his complaints.   Yes this is the webpage on Speed where the poor guy lost out to a Text Bidder due to having not been there to see the car  and Computer connection on a Fantasy  bid verses a cell phone text bid Fantasy Bidder . We all got screwed maybe we could snail mail our bid's in or throw them all in a 10 gallon cowboy hat it would be just as fair .. Hagerty Auto insurance fire your Crew who's in charge of this Barret-Jackson Auto auction Fantasy Bid  , a and hire a crew who can even the playing field , I know how to make it fair anyone at the auction can see the next Fantasy Vehicle with the camera's setting up around it and ask questions how much you think this car will go for ? The Minute Rick Debruell or any of their guy's start doing the Car interview on live TV be ready to text off the Fantasy Bid even if your off by a few thousand dollars at the end of the day  Daily Prize or contest you can rack up a daily win or a Total contest win for all the Marbles .  Easy  Huh!  David 

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