Saturday, January 28, 2012

Wrote to the Host's of Fantasy Bid on Speed TV at Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale 2012 Auto Auction , Here is the letter and response, I was born at night but not Last Night !

SPEED Barrett Jackson Hagerty Fantasy Bid‏

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Subject: letter to barret jackson to be sent
Date: Fri, 20 Jan 2012 22:10:20 -0600

Text bidders are taking all the single car prizes.  Thursday and friday they have won so far 12 out of 14 cars. Saturday they have won every prize each 121 point  I have been sitting in front of a fast computer for 5 years trying to win and I am a car guy . First it was the cheaters tech savvy now, it's is the text bidders .Please talk to somebody who can address this or blow it off and live with your self . Thank you. I have about had it . One of your best fans David    I have bought and sold and  appraised exotic's cars for 25 years I know what's up, and when something is up with this contest  with $550.00 per car I-pod 2 as a prize per car x 30 cars and end of the day $500.00 Gas card , Also 2011 Ford Mustang GT 500 Shelby  as grand prize  is motivation to cheat.  They  Text bidders are there talking to car wholesalers and the owners when available in the shut or lane before  the fantasy car is featured on TV  and they are mopping the floor up with the at home PC Bidders  Car owner's classic Auto Insurance buyers.  These are your target audience.  I like Barrett-Jackson auctions   and thought Hagerty Insurance had a winner with Fantasy bid, for an advertising tool fun to play . I believe from the other Players on chat lines about playing the fantasy bid game your losing more Esteem with this program if not 100% retooled . Please everyone if you can ,   text bidders present at the auction and home PC bidders.. Thank you  David   
        Here is the Good employee answering the call of the boss , young I bet believes all the crap he is fed by upper echelons ..
From:K####A###### (
Sent:Fri 1/27/12 4:43 PM

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Dear Mr.David

Thanks you for your note. I will go on record & state the game does not favor a mobile player vs a web player. We have the game audited and tested by developers before each event. The game is tough to play & even tougher when you have 85,000  people in 4 days playing along – that is a lot of competition! The integrity of the game is sound and the rules & operation of the game are clearly stated here  

We thank you for your comments, watching SPEED, the Barrett Jackson telecast & playing the game. 

Best regards, 
K######  ######

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Anonymous said...

The big guy's are always screwing the little guy. Won't take any responsibly for actions or mistakes. Someone has to stand up and say something.try to right a wrong.