Sunday, January 22, 2012

Scottsdale 2012 Barrett-Jackson Classic Car Auction Hagerty's Fantasy Bid , Are those cell phone Text Bidders Just Smarter ?

Top of the 4 day car fantasy bid list Each car is a  16 GB I pad won by text bidders with cell phones  standing there looking at the car listening to the owners and auto dealers putting a firm number or price on the car. Then they  Fantasy bid  from their own cell phone as they announce ,the next fantasy bid vehicle is coming up to us suckers at home on our computers thinking we have a fair chance  to win or have an honest chance to compete Well I am speaking out I like this outfit the Barrett-Jackson crew and the Hagerty Insurance people have had 5 or 6 years to get this right or hire people who can I saw a problem with hackers in this game 4 years ago and then they add cell phone text bidders  . They should rename the contest text bidders Hay day to kick knowledgeable car  people at home  ass's .

Bottom half ending Sunday afternoon 1962 Lincoln

Sundays two car leader board  4  cell phone text bidders , Surprise surprise ! 

 2 text bidders winners of the whole thing ,last time I spend 4 days fantasy bidding ,That's what it takes you can only run to the bathroom for four days while the show is on .  
Would you know  two out of the the top three grand prize winners are cell phone text bidders   $ 2500.00  Bigscreen TV 500.00 gas card  tons of larceny 
Scottsdale 2012 a Gala Event. I kept thinking a large company could fix this crap ,hope the Insurance side is Tighter with dotting i's and Crossing t's  . David ...

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