Saturday, June 23, 2012

Text Bidding Tonight Orange County Barrett- Jackson Is like using a porta Potty Verses Your Home Bathroom YEAH .

Although This is a very special Wooden car !  Text Bidding is great if your at the Auction sux at home.. 4hr later  I am  Chiming back in well I text bid tonight and I compare it to taking a dump at the event in a porta- potty convenient yes , faster between 38 second to verify a bid to waiting 9 minutes after Rick Deb-rule or the English guy  telling me the bidding is now open so i try to bid and get back 3 messages saying  "Sorry the car isn't open 4 bidding yet! uh huh ! And I'm Grand Ma Moses. 3 texts come back  saying , Likeus and follow us on twitter. Sorry Bud I don't Tweet and I prefer to take a Dump in my own bath room . So this whole affair has sucked only 6 cars of the 15 cars advertised . Also I tried to enter my text bidder password put together by a computer program in India and Password only your Girlfriend could figure out . Get out of the Fantasy Bidding and change your advertising programs stick to Auctioning Classic car's.

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