Monday, June 25, 2012

Four Times a year Give Craig A Shot at Barrett Jackson Classic Car Auction!

Buick Electra 1982 big lug of a car  Living room chair on Wheels nice Whipp
Here is a example $4200.00 Dollars for Grandma's 1961 Buick  Electra Cream with free steering wheel cover. I would buy that little gem in a heart beat and take Craig Jackson out to dinner in it..

1966 Ford Thunderbird Full Rotissere Restore 390 Cube inch displacment  A Bad Boy for 19500.00  Well Bought !

390 Cid  Ford Thunderbird  1966   full   rotisserie Restore 19500.00 car included Well Bought !
 I have had my day to criticize Barrett-Jackson But if your going to buy a car four times a year they have the Classic car Auctions ,I am here to tell you if you want to get a great car at below wholesale  beginning of the auction first 100 cars or so and the tail end on Sunday last 50 cars flea market of deals on classic's. The link is below is the Orange County  "The OC "  the sale price of the car plus 10 % for Craig Jackson Retirement fund  ooh   really ? deduct 10 percent in your mind and that's what the car cost but you still pay 10 %  as buyer and seller pays 8 % that won't affect you as buyer. Still a Great deal  No Kidding I know ...

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