Wednesday, September 14, 2005

CBS: Big Brother 6 Tune in Your television to see who will win , Or Get A Computer !

Julie returns to the HoH Competition to reveal another twist: the winner of this HoH will win the combination to the last safe in the Gold Room. The combination dial then begins to spin slowly, forcing the HouseGuests to balance as they walk the rim of the dial and hold onto their key. The pressure is on as the three girls take their keys and start to walk the dial's edge.

Who will win the final HoH, a three-part challenge that has the HouseGuests walking a fine line between victory and defeat? Will Janelle once more rise to take the prize, or will Maggie endure longest? Ivette is ready for a fight, having survived this week's attempted eviction, but can she hang on long enough to be first to make the finals? Find out the thrilling outcome of this make-or-break competition for a spot in the Final Round. Don't miss the next special live episode of BIG BROTHER 6, Friday, September 16, at 9pm ET/PT, only on CBS. "

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