Wednesday, September 14, 2005

CBS: Big Brother 6 Ivette wins first round of the big Brother Final 3 rounds

I was thinking ,since I posted that I was mad at CBS for letting real player sell Live feeds of what is going on in the Big brother house.. Now I would like to say I believe you have led me to the light, I know who has won the first of three rounds competition for the head of household ... Thanks to Real player I don't have to wait , I just look on line at numerous websites and like everybody else and I am tuned right in before the show comes on Friday September 16'th.. I was holding on to old thinking , so to CBS and Real Player Thank you ! I expect all shows to let me snoop on the Internet and find out what is going on ahead of time.... See what you started? Who will win the final HoH, a three-part challenge that has the HouseGuests walking a fine line between victory and defeat? Will Janelle once more rise to take the prize, or will Maggie endure longest? Ivette is ready for a fight, having survived this week's attempted eviction, but can she hang on long enough to be first to make the finals? Find out the thrilling outcome of this make-or-break competition for a spot in the Final Round. Don't miss the next special live episode of BIG BROTHER 6, Friday, September 16, at 9pm ET/PT, only on CBS.

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