Sunday, September 22, 2013

Tuner Cars NISSAN Skyline GT-R 32 34 and 35 are Prohibited from Import EPA & DOT Protecting USA from 600 H.P. Japenese Auto's "Tokyo Drift"

The latest in a long line of world-beating streetcars, the R35 edition of Nissan’s GTR was meant to establish Nissan in the upper ranks of sportscar builders. Porsche, Ferrari, Corvette, and Aston Martin were the targets, and Nissan hit every one. 0-60? Check, the GTR was as fast or faster than any of them. 1/4 mile? Check, the Nissan would turn CPAs and dentists into John Force at the touch of a few buttons. Lap times? Check, Godzilla could boogie with the best of them, and made ordinary Joe’s look like Grand Am veterans. The R35 was a digital experience, though, and – even with 500 hp available – it left many drivers cold. Competence did not always equal passion, it seemed, but Tym Switzer had an answer: soul-injection, courtesy of 600, 800, or 1000 hp street-ready conversions that turned Nissan’s sportser into a hyper-exotic, the equal or better of anything available at any price, on any track … with enough flexibility to idle happily through the 9-5 commute. A Switzer GTR, simply, is a no-excuses supercar. SWITZER GTR PERFORMANCE PACKAGES P600 | 600 HP GTR P700 | 700 HP GTR P800 | 800 HP GTR R900 | 900 HP GTR ULTIMATE STREET EDITION | 1000 HP GTR R1K | 1000 WHP GTR CALL R1K-X | EXTREME PERFORMANCE GTR CALL Switzer For a package or Info

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