Monday, May 21, 2012

Cars Stashed away by 30 year old During Carnation Revolution in Portugal april 24 1974

Portugal-Africa: 30 years after the Carnation Revolution.
On the morning of 25 April 1974, the Portuguese military started in Lisbon what became known as the Revolution dos Cravos--the Carnation Revolution. It was led by soldiers convinced from their experiences in the field about the futility of trying to hold on to Portugal's African colonies. On the whole, it was a peaceful revolution and it led to a series of far-reaching reforms throughout Central and Southern Africa that remain with us today. Trevor Grundy takes us down memory lane.
Thirty yeas ago, a revolution that changed the structure and nature of Portuguese society and ended that country's long and non Democratic ruling party ,people hide  cars in Spain anywhere they could ,sold them for a token of the true value . Below is a warehouse long forgotten in the countryside full of cars..

 I would be like a Yard Ape in this garage.

Plasma cutter short work of  weld on door!

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