Saturday, February 11, 2012

Our Creator will rip their face off and wipe his ass with it on Judgement Day.

Might sound harsh But the thievery the modern day lottery offers 1 in 175,223,510.00 if you believe in pay back for new frontier lottery's praying on the poor .God or  Our Creator will rip their face off  and wipe his ass with it on Judgement Day ! How's that to look forward too when you pass away.You can turn your sin's around before it's too late lottery people . The old time mafia numbers racket before taken over by our states and federal government had better odd's.Long before there were state lotteries there were numbers games called ‘policy rackets’ run generally by African American gangsters. These illegal lotteries were affordable to players in poor urban neighborhoods and many gangsters accumulated vast fortunes from the small bets made by players. Usually the player would meet with a bookie in a bar or an out of the way place to avoid detection. In some cities the police were bribed and the policy banks operated with impunity. Policy shops where bettors picked numbers were common in the United States as early as 1860. By the early 20th century the policy racket became associated with poor urban communities and bets could be as little as a penny.
There are several methods used by policy banks to pick winning numbers randomly. Initially numbered balls were used or a ‘policy wheel’ was spun to pick the daily numbers. These methods allowed the results to be fixed so numbers rings used the last three numbers of the published daily balance of the US Treasury. When the treasury started to round off the numbers many numbers rings used “mutuel” numbers which consisted of the last dollar digit of the win, place and show bets at local race tracks. In some cities the winning number was the last digit of daily New York bond sales. The odds of winning were about 100 to 1 and the payouts ranged as high as 800 to 1. Sure beats odd's 1 in 175,223,510.00 they are full of tricks to if someone don't claim the winning # the find a home for it in the stew pot not to the players they talk so much fancy bullshit ,sell the sizzle not the steak. Get your accountant and Attorney to understand their decree.   WHAT HAPPENS TO UNCLAIMED PRIZES?
Unclaimed prizes are kept by the lottery jursidiction. About half of the lotteries are required to put the money back into a game. The other half is required by law to turn the money over to the state's general fund. If a jackpot is unclaimed, The money must be returned back to all lotteries, in proportion to their sales for the draw run. The lotteries then distribute the money as they are required by law - back into other lottery games or back to the state's general fund. Here is what they say on the website they want to maximize the earnings on the lottery Biz not help the player , I HAVE A GAME IDEA; YOU SHOULD GIVE 100 PEOPLE $1 MILLION EACH.
We do get mail from persons offering ideas that promise to double or triple our sales in the game. We also get a lot of mail that starts - "Everyone I talk to agrees that Powerball should pay more and smaller prizes, who needs $XXX million!!!" In this new game we are going to give away hundreds of $1 million prizes - but we cannot convert the jackpot to all $1 million prizes. These writers usually get extremely angry when we try to explain why their idea won't work - so we prefer to use this standard response. Please accept this response with our apologies for not recognizing how very right you are speak to their Attorneys yea right  Mr and Mrs  lottery player as broke as they are  will take 2 year's of  life to discuss the issue with you . Straighten the game out  or take your game out of the "Hood "  :   You know who Zorro righting all the wrongs in life....    The lottery takes from the poor and gives to the rich !

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