Sunday, December 18, 2011

United States of Google

She eats potato chips like a parrot rare in a Cockatiel She is a Doll ..

I know why I was soo mad earlier is when I do a Google search for knowledge all that comes back is buy this buy that ,The Goog has sold out like everyone else.Google search engine is just a dam Sear's or Woolworth catalog , I would compare it to A&E  Dog the bounty hunter sell out or discovery channel "The Glory Hole" gold digging in Alaska  .I tune in for knowledge  same as a google search for info on coral reefs  and they try to sell you an aquarium full of guppies look at your self !

from the first 43 year life span cookie on your PC it's all but over Peace Google Giveth and  Google takeaway  Why you think God starts with a "G" ?   Google knows where to find me and everyone else be good they know when you are sleeping ,they know if you've been bad or good so you know the rest be good for goodness sakes... David also I resent  invasion of privacy to the extent the internet has taken it too it's not just Google. But they are soo powerful they could do something positive about it. Your the King !

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