Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Gauss Pistol Home Bad ass Half Life Rail-Gun works Fool

Gauss Pistol Home:

'via Blog this'A Real Electromagnetic Pistol!

Three coils are precisely pulsed in
sequence to fire a steel projectile
Two infrared sensors detect the
projectile position within the firing
Controlled by a PIC microcontroller
Powered by 8 AA NiCd battery pack
Built-in battery charger
Bar display tracks capacitor bank
charge progress
Battery and Fault LED indicators
Laser targeting sight
Makes no sound when fired
Copyright © 2006 by Spaztronics Corporation
Model GP-219
Gauss Pistol Home

Web www.GaussPistol.com
"What's New" last updated May 16, 2007.

More photos can be found here!
Go here to find out how it works!

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