Friday, November 04, 2011

Conrad Murray Found Not Guilty of Murder Monday 11-7-2011

Thank God Someone came to their senses Not Guilty .Rest in Peace Micheal You were sick physically and you were trying to mask your pain that's all RIP .. I have felt pain allot lately we need Dr's who are willing to help... I decided to ad that I am Pontificating the outcome due to the fact I saw enough of the trial to know this Was a " Dog and Pony show " to pacify the usual suspects . These People who go after Dr's for doing what they can to help the Cronic sleep deprived and those who are in great pain need to be stopped ,some day they will lay in pain and the nurse will give them Aspirin and they will cry out I was wrong years ago so wrong. So we need to stop these people now rather then wait till your laying in bed screaming for a PRN for pain I have been there . not fun..
attorney Ed Chernof
District Attorney Ed Walgren Fame Whore


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