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Chronic Pain [Archive] - NeuroTalk Support Groups

Chronic Pain [Archive] - NeuroTalk Support Groups:

'via Blog this' Hello CP friends
In case this forum disappears too...
I would like to hear from you...
so what's new?? sharing updates
Help with pain management
"Click on the link above and you can read about the different questions the patients have discussed "

Roll Call - come on everyone join in!!
Hydrocephalus, Chronic Pain and Lost
Common Abbreviations used on the Forums
Help needed for Cheyanna in GEneral Neurology.
Does humidity effect your pain level?
OT - word association game
Letter to People Without Chronic Pain
Difference between Oxycodone Apap and Oxycodone HCL?
Generic Fentanyl-Duragesic Patch
anybody know-
Severe pain help
Just a sip or two?
Hi everyone, found some of you :)
Roll Call - Sunday, September 17th
Dry mouth
I am going to have more surgery~
Useful Sites & Resources
Lyrica Side Effects??
Pain wearing me down...any ideas what I can do?
Looking for Nanna/Cher
Free Hugs
One year later, remembering LisaLJ
Pain Treatment Options
Greenville, SC pain center info needed
Just Switched to the Patch
In need of your experiences...
Pain Doc in Pittsburgh?
metabolic panel test
Hello...Tamiloo here...
New drug Fioricit for headache
Lookin for fancylady Billie
Pain Pump? Good Idea?
good morning everyone
Going to surgeon Fri.
Steroid shots
Having Sugery Worried About Pain Management
biofreeze ?
It hurts:the elusive nature of pain
the Doctor Patient relationship
Question about meds?
Right lateral abdominal pain
I need a new BT med - any suggestions?
controlled meds description
Gene Variation affects pain sensitivity and risk of chronic pain - NIH press release
Has anyone heard from Brion?
When is it time to get a disabled parking placard??
what would you do when you get violent pain
What would you tell new nurses about pain management?
Have you ever been just plain fed-up with Doctors?
HealthTalk Live!:Loneliness of Chronic Illness /Wednesday, November 8, 2006
Improving pain care
well it's now offical, I have Lyme disease
Question About Miralax??
Pinched nerves at c5 c6 c7 1 year after fusion
A rainy night senseless brain fart question
Does Your PM Dismiss You Due To Being Female??
pain meds prednisone for FM/RSD
Another price paid because of CP
Warning issued on dangers of methadone
How do you fire a doctor?
Has anyone ever seen someone die from liver failure??
Do pain meds really make you pain free>
Ready To Live Again!
Fentora, have you used it?
Rheumatologist Appointment
Hey weather...stop changing!!!!!
I need some help here..
suggestions please...
Spine question
epidural steroid injection
Topamax Use for Nerve Pain is Causing Eye Problems
chest pain from hell
Seasons Greetings Everyone
Now I have seen liver failure myself :(
Walmart and CP just don't mix!
Muscle spasms
ouch ouch ouch
Possible headway to better pain meds?
Trazadone anybody
Morphine v. Methadone?
Trazadone question - need quick answer
Good news for once
Newbie here
Spray pain reliever
New study says Opioids may not work for back pain
The pain is bad today
Anyone use the $4.00 Walmart Wegmans SAMs Club pharmacy plans?
Need advice: What AD to take with trazodone?
In a lot of pain..also have questions..
pancreas cancer
For those with Rosacea
cat help, owner passed away
Men and women DO feel pain differently!
Are there any studies done on people who don't respond normally to medication??
An Intro and Percocet Question - Please help
Xanax or Xanax XR?
The Anguish Continues
Pain Doctor Received my Letter
Voices of Chronic Pain Patient Survey
Pain Management Doctor Load
Pain med ideas I compiled - any ideas?
Low Test=Sensitive to Pain,Pain Meds=Low Test
What Can We Use For Pain Caused by Compressed or Damaged Nerves?
Methadone emerges as new killer (L.A. Times)
First time @ pm.Help!
Chronic Pain and my isolation from 'friends'
Drug - namenda for pain? Just prescribed
"Weather.Com" helps out
Shelley - length of time on lyrica
When to fire your doctor
Basic Question
Totally Free Vitamins From Gnc, Hurry!!
I just found the greatest product !
How to deal with thoughtless people
Spinal Cord Stimulator
Help,please, with back decision
Dealing with chronic pain... how do you cope?
Cervical Traction
Zelnorm Off the Market
Zelnorm Off the Market
People in NE or the East Coast......
Recommended reading
A newbie needing support............
current events: Judge Dismisses the Most Serious Charges Against Dr. Hurwitz
Tips For Dealing With People In Pain
Devastating Impact of Chronic Pain on Patients’ Lives Revealed
inner thigh/groin pain{help}
FDA Warning About Antidepressant Medications
New family of antidepressants coming:
Alternate Patch Placement
Radio Frequency Ablation aftermath
Rating Pain
Just Plain Tired of Discrimination
Why are some days worse then others?
Name of pain relieving cream/lotion?
Survey: Migraine patients taking potentially addictive meds
Keppra anybody
When is it time to go back to work?
A Cold Day in Hell
has anyone heard of this?
Central Pain Syndrome
Intrathecal pump placement
Chronic Pain Linked To Old Memories
Torture and Chronic Pain...
Severe pain
Severe TMJ pain - anyone here can help?
Going out of my mind!!!!!!!!!!!
Good article on docs and pain meds
Hypnosis for pain management
I'm from the old BT
The Pain Page
"what is PAIN"
Complex Reginoal Pain or TOS?
Severe Pains
SCS for neuropathy
Photon Treatment for Pain
managing weight gain from pain meds
My body is beating itself up. What gives?
Trigger point injections
Sciatic Nerve
Bee Venom
help with med security please...
I Am Sick Of It
Have you ever held a fund raiser? Ketamine treatment possibility? This would be great
Stucy in San Francisco
acomparison of care
No Opiates for MS Pain? Searching desperately for HELP!
Pain Numeric Rating Scale May Be Only Moderately Accurate for Pain Screening CME/CE
avinza anyone
Sodium Channel Blockers Make it Big
need PM referral in SF
a comparison of care
extreem back pain as result of surgery
101 Ideas to Empower Persons In Pain to Survive & Thrive!
new to PM dr., need advice, info
new med Opana ER
chronic pain in tailbone
help me please
Morphine v Methadone Help please
hello all i just wanted to update you aboout the kadian
hello all
Chantix drug for not smoking / side effects and possible rec
New to Chronic Pain Board...any input greatly appreciated
Spinal Cord Stimulator
NPR: Anyone heard from Brion Larson?
Disability Cases Last Longer as Backlog Rises
Living with Oseoarthritis and Bi Polar Disorder
Fentanyl Patch warning
Polio Survivor, Age 56 with 2C - Tarlov Cyst
Tired of being shuffled around~
A Primer on Pain....
Botox issues
Cymbalta the evil drug
Leg pain driving me crazy.
Occipital Neuralgia---sorry, not sure where to post questions re; this condition
Is this neuropathy?
OT~Goodmorning Chronic Painers...
4 different symptoms/same area
Bad weekend
Ideas Needed For A Disability Closet
Pain diary and 'bear trap' days
New Here
I need a new primary care doctor
Newbie here
Botox warnings
Surgical Associated Arachnoiditis?
lower back pain
Spinal Cord Stimulator
Our brains are in danger!
Ncc/amazing Video Please Watch
Fentyal patches recalled again
Newbie here....
Articles on chronic pain
Spinal Fusion??
Boot camp for chronic pain sufferers
fentynal patch sad story
Pain Mgt-"which Meds & WHY"..
Getting off of Lyrica
DDD/Spurs/Osteoarthritis/3 Bulged Disks
Does acute pain from a chronic condition count?
Chronic Pain - Any Suggestions?
FDA Panel Nixes 'Abuse-Proof' OxyContin

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