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List of GM V8 Cadillac engines and other divisions of GM Motors V8's


From the 1950s through the 1970s, each GM division had its own V8 engine family. Many were shared among other divisions, but each design is most closely associated with its own division. Today, there are only two types of V8 engines still produced by GM for use in road vehicles: the Generation IV small-block and Cadillac's advanced DOHC V8, the Northstar.

Oldsmobile Rocket V8 engine

GM LS V8 engine

1914-1935 Cadillac Type 51 V8 (also used in LaSalle models)

1915-1917 Oakland Model 50 V8

1915-1923 Oldsmobile Model 40 V8

1917-1918 Chevrolet Series D V8 (acquired as part of Chevrolet's takeover of, and merger into, GM)

1929-1931 Viking V8

1930-1932 Oakland V8 (used in Pontiac models during the final year)

1935-1948 Cadillac Series 60 V8 (also used in LaSalle models)

1948-1967 Cadillac OHV V8

1967-1984 Cadillac "new" V8

1981-1995 Cadillac HT V8

1948-1990 Oldsmobile Rocket V8

1952-1980 Buick Fireball V8

1954-2003 Chevrolet "small-block" V8 (originally "Turbo-Fire", now referred to as GM Generation I; see also GM Vortec engine)

1954-1980 Pontiac V8 (also modified for GMC Truck models)

1958-1965 Chevrolet W V8 (also referred to as "Turbo-Thrust")

1961-1963 GM Aluminum V8 (now better known as the Rover V8 and also the Repco V8 Formula One engine)

1966-1970s GMC Truck V8 (derived from the GMC V6)

1965-2009 Chevrolet "big-block" V8 (originally "Turbo-Jet"; see also GM Vortec engine)

1969-2000 Holden V8

1990-1995 Chevrolet LT5 (exclusive to the ZR-1 model of the Chevrolet Corvette)

1991-present Northstar V8 (derived from the LT5; also includes Aurora V8)

1992-1997 GM LT V8 (also referred to as Generation II; based on the Small-Block V8)

1997-present GM LS V8 (referred to as Generation III or IV, depending on type; derived from LT V8; see also GM Vortec engine)

1996-present GM Vortec V8 (derived from Small-Block, LS, and Big-Block engines Multi-cylinder engines


Cadillac Twelve engine

1930-1937 Cadillac Twelve (derived from the Cadillac Sixteen)

1931-1944 Allison V-1710 (aviation engine)

1960s-1966 GMC Twin Six (derived from the GMC V6)

Several other V12 engines, designed for use in Cadillac models, have been proposed by GM over the years but have not yet managed to reach series production. V16

1930-1937 Cadillac Sixteen OHV

1937-1940 Cadillac Sixteen L-Head

As with the V12, Cadillac has recently considered production of a modern V16 as well, but has not gotten beyond production of prototypes and one well-regarded concept vehicle supporting the idea.

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