Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bush v. Gore - Wikipedia,

Bush v. Gore - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Here is a good article I found tonight "Yes, I predict that the court will conjure up some extra-judicial mumbo jumbo to justify the government's continued war on medical marijuana states. Too many powerful interests depend on keeping marijuana illegal. You can be sure that the huge pharmaceutical companies don't want to see state after state legalizing the use of a drug that grows for free everywhere and cannot be patented, advertised, and sold for a 10,000% markup. If that's too conspiratorial for you, look at the prescription drug package offered by the Bush Administration that lines Big Pharma's pocket by preventing Medicare from negotiating for lower drug prices or importing cheaper drugs from Canada. Moreover, if you think the court is above tailoring decisions against precedent and Constitutional consideration solely for the political ramifications of a single case or issue, you need look no further than the Bush v. Gore decision that trampled the state of Florida's right to handle what was a case solely in their jurisdiction." Compare what they say David !!

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