Sunday, June 01, 2008

Obama and McCain Watch This Movie" Dave "Circa 1993

Dave (1993) - SynopsisDuring the uproar over the scandal, Dave refuses to stop pushing his employment bill. He also bonds with Nance one night when Nance discusses his rise from being an unhappy shoe salesman to being the Vice President. Dave and Ellen agree that Nance is a genuinely public-minded man, and would make a fine president.In a joint session of Congress, Dave, as Mitchell, admits to his role in the scandal, but introduces evidence (provided by Reed) proving that Alexander was the mastermind and that Nance was innocent. In the middle of making a formal apology to the nation, Dave fakes a stroke and is switched back with the still-comatose Mitchell. Mitchell is then declared incapacitated under the 25th Amendment, and eventually dies. The groundswell of affection generated by Dave's brief time in office is transferred to the real Mitchell, as the public and the media mourn his death. The ruse apparently remains undiscovered; although Bob Alexander is later arrested and indicted, there is no indication that he reveals the secret, since doing so would compound his liability. Nance becomes President and promises to carry out "Mitchell's" employment program.Five months later, Dave is running his own campaign for city council. Ellen Mitchell, now a widow, comes into the office, asking for a job, and kisses him. When the door of his office closes, Duane steps in front, indicating that he is now working for Dave. All American as wella s canidates should watch this movie before Voting and Taking Office.. I saw this movie years ago but Today it had a new Meaning our country is going down the tubes as they say ! Watch it and you will agree Thanks David .....

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