Friday, September 14, 2007

Google Answers: Sports Card Grading Supplies "I want Clam Shell case's"

Subject: Re: Sports Card Grading Supplies
From: zymo-ga on 28 Jan 2004 09:00 PST
Hello Jack

Thanks for your efforts but that is not really what I need. All I need
are the supplies used to place the cards in. Of primary need are the
plastic cases that baseball cards can be put in for protection and
also the card cases must contain room for the printed description and
grade of the card. A picture of a sample of what I need can be seen at

I am not looking for a franchise .There
are numerous companies that offer to grade cards and enclose them in
these tamper proof card protectors, there must be a supplier of these
Clamshell's ... If I know enough to buy the Fucking card than I know enough to grade it

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