Tuesday, May 15, 2007

how fast is USB 2.0 vs Firewire or 100Base-T Ethernet?

how fast is USB 2.0 vs Firewire or 100Base-T Ethernet?: "USB speeds (vs. FireWire or LAN Ethernet)" How fast is USB? Which is faster? How does this compare to other connections used with PCs and workstations?

"High speed" USB 2.0 products have a design data rate (theoretical maximum) of 480.0 mbps.
"Full speed" USB devices signal at 12.0 mbps, and
"Low speed" USB devices use a 1.5 mbps subchannel.
serial port: 115,000 bits per second 0.115 mbps

standard parallel port (Printer Port/Centronics interface): 2.5 mbps max*
(*Enhanced Parallel Port (EPP) ; for older "Bi-Directional", 150 kbps[kilobits per second])

USB 1.1 ("Standard USB): 12 million bits per second (12 mbps) (approximately 1.5 MegaBytes/s) (aka 12 mbps aka 12Mb per second)

ECP parallel port: 3 MillionBytes/s

IDE: 3.3-16.7 MillionBytes/s

SCSI-1: 5 MillionBytes/s

SCSI-2 (Fast SCSI, Fast Narrow SCSI): 10 MillionBytes/s

Fast Wide SCSI (Wide SCSI): 20 MillionBytes/s

Ultra-2 SCSI for a 16-bit bus: up to 80 MillionBytes per second

FireWire (IEEE-1394): 100 to 400 mbps (12.5--50 MillionBytes/s)
Ultra SCSI (SCSI-3, Fast-20, Ultra Narrow): 20 MillionBytes/s
UltraIDE: 33 MillionBytes/s
Wide Ultra SCSI (Fast Wide 20): 40 MillionBytes/s
Ultra2 SCSI: 40 MillionBytes/s

Wide Ultra2 SCSI: 80 MillionBytes/s
Ultra3 SCSI: 80 MillionBytes/s
Wide Ultra3 SCSI: 160 MillionBytes/s
FC-AL Fiber Channel: 100-400 MillionBytes/s

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