Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Va. Tech Gunman Writings Raised Concerns

Va. Tech Gunman Writings Raised Concerns: "Va. Tech Gunman Writings Raised Concerns
Apr 17 01:16 PM US/Eastern
AP National Writer

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BLACKSBURG, Va. (AP) - The gunman suspected of carrying out the Virginia Tech massacre that left 33 people dead was identified Tuesday as an English major whose creative writing was so disturbing that he was referred to the school's counseling service.

News reports also said that he may have been taking medication for depression, that he was becoming increasingly violent and erratic, and that he left a note in his dorm in which he railed against 'rich kids,' 'debauchery' and 'deceitful charlatans' on campus.

Cho Seung-Hui, a 23-year-old senior, arrived in the United States as boy from South Korea in 1992 and was raised in suburban Washington, D.C., officials said. He was living on campus in a different dorm from the one where Monday's bloodbath began.

Police and university officials offered no clues as to exactly what set him off on the deadliest shooting rampage in modern U.S. history.

'He was a loner, and we're having difficulty finding information about him,' school spokesman Larry Hincker said.

Professor Carolyn Rude, chairwoman of the university's English department, said she did not personally know the gunman. B"

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