Monday, April 09, 2007

America We have a White / Black race problem Really?

I have CNN on what do I see is a black man boxing a 101 year old women . I turn the channel and black dudes are robbing the immigrate store owner and beating him over the head with a big gun, The Reverend Al Sharpton is chasing words said by somebody from the sub conscious cause we are sick of the robbing and thieving.. I have a few black friends over 30 working , they don't know what to do .. People grab the wallets , purse and any other things of value when a Black comes around and throw in a few homemade tattoo's... White folks want to jump out the window or run out the door..Try watching any news in America and you will see mostly black violent crime, we are not saying that white kid's that look and act like black gangsta's are not scary too.. One way or the other is true Blacks are getting more airtime than white thug's or they really are committing more and violent crimes. I don't know ? How do we live together with this going on ? What is the truth and what is each others perception ? Rev. Sharpton , this is where you could do some good in this world , be a peace maker like Martin Luther King not chasing old white men around . The old Indian saying Don't judge a man till you have walked a mile in his moccasins...... David

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