Monday, October 23, 2006

Googlewhacking: The Search for The One True Googlewhack

Googlewhacking: The Search for The One True Googlewhack: "HackWhackFAQ
Steven Blissambidextrous scallywagsWhat do you call Enron corporate officers who contributed money to Senators on both the left and the right?
Autumn Tyr-Salviailluminatus ombudsmanWho can you complain to about the worldwide coverup of the Enron conspiracy?
Joe Nillessquirreling dervishesHow did an SEC spokesman privately describe Enron executives who had busily packed away their ill-gotten gains?
Aaron Kimballassonant octosyllableEnron ran a real runaround.
Enron ran a real raw end run.
No renowned nun ran near Enron. This a strange website " Google Whacking " Check it out David...
...well, you get the picture.
Matthew Kerstefetishized armadilloWhat hangs over the mantle of the gold-plated fireplace at Enron's corporate retreat in Texas?
Doug Graypanfish interrogationWhat Congressional Task Force will, as one Senator put it, 'scale, gut, and filet' Enron accountants during their formal testimony?
Karl Windledisenthralled nimrodHow did Enron's press office describe an investment advisor who changed his recommendation from 'Buy' to 'Sell'?
Emma Robertsonanxiousness schedulerWhat special job title was reserved for the secretaries of Enron's corporate finance officers?
Manik Guptabamboozle guzzlerWhat was the most popular mixed drink at Enron's corporate Christmas parties?
John Birqmegalomaniacal
dipsomaniacAfter the party, how did the club bartenders describe Enron's top corporate officials?
Jeff Custerinculcating skullduggeryWhat priority item led every agenda at Enron's Board meetings?
Chaim Schussparochial noctambulistWhat 'previous occupation' should Enron's financial officers list on their next job application?
Richard Milneinsolvent pachydermsAmong all the negative fallout from the Enron scandal, what single thing does the Texas Republican Party fear most?

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