Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Selwyn Duke -- What Jobs Won't Americans Do?

Selwyn Duke -- What Jobs Won't Americans Do?: "WHAT JOBS WON'T AMERICANS DO? This Man Is right , read this article...

by Selwyn Duke
April 3, 2006
One reason we're supposed to rejoice at the pitter-patter of illegal feet is that foreigners are only coming here to 'do jobs Americans won't do.' It's one of those basic assumptions upon which the argument in favor of forgetting we have borders, a culture and laws rests, and even President Bush mentioned this 'truth' while speaking about immigration reform recently. And, undoubtedly, there are certain immutable laws of economics.
Only, this isn't one of them.
The next time someone mindlessly parrots this mantra, just ask, 'What jobs would those be?' As you'll soon learn, the answer doesn't really matter, but sometimes we're shamed by didacts who oh-so-sternly say that illegals are the people who 'pick our fruit for us.' So, fruit picking - something that must be in league with being a rat catcher in Victorian London or Wile E. Coyote's stunt double - is as good an example as any.
One amusing aspect of the fruit picking fiction is that millions of people in our country engage in this activity as a form of recreation. Why, there are folks who embark upon autumn ventures to the hinterlands to pick apples and consider it a fun family outing. But I digress.
I have to ask, if I paid you $800 an hour to pick fruit, would you do it? Except for the silk and satin set, I have a feeling most would beat a path to my orchard. And this brings us to what is a true law of economics.
There are no jobs Americans won't do. There are only wages Americans won't work for.
And this relates to a fact of contemporary American life: immigrants, illegal or otherwise, depress wages. Oh, some would dispute this? Well, they're wrong and I intend to prove it.

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