Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Famous people who died in aviation accidents

Famous people who died in aviation accidents: "Celebrities Who Died in Auto Incidents
This page features celebrities (actors, sports heroes, musicians, etc. who died in automobile crashes or were involved in serious road traffic incidents. This page acts as a tribute to these people � all of whom died too young. Note: This is a work in progress. I've only begun to add material to this site since the fall of 1999. If you know of any other celebrities who have died in automobile crashes, send email with details to John Kremer. Thanks for your continued support.
More car accident fatalities occur on July 4th than on any other day of the year. More than 40% of the average 161 fatalities that occur on July 4th involve alcohol. On average, 117 people die every day on US roads.
When I die, I want to die like my grandfather who died peacefully in his sleep � not screaming like all the passengers in his car. � author unknown" I am the Urban Pontiff and we find this website work in progress amusing.. check it out

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