Friday, February 18, 2005

President Bush, conservative Christians and Marijuana & Heroin

A story from a friend the other day , made a lot of sense to me....The President would be elected for a period of 6 year's if he did good he could be awarded another 2 year's.... Also he could run for a second term in 6 to 8 year's after the next President ran., this way he would not be worried about getting elected again in 24 months into current term... I believed then someone could tackle the Drug War, we have been so called winning for 40 years. We fought alcohol during prohibition from 1920 to 1933 ,in 13 years violent crime went sky high also the prison populations soared.... Street junkies all over the country need to commit 4 robbery's a day to support a $800.00 Cocaine & Heroin habit... This is a problem folks, street gangs narcotics and farm town methlabs to suburb kids growing pot, add up to 60 billion dollar biz......President Bush could go down in history as King of innovation, for putting a new face on the drug problem. Legalize pot and tax it, give long-gone junkies an Id card to fix for 5. bucks a day... 800 thousand prison state and federal small time drug offenders to medical rehab. The Dea could zero in on taking drugs out of gang control to federal , any misplaced prison or drug agents become border, immigration officers....This is a rough draft, the end result is 60 billion dollar recreation drug money and 100 billion to fight, prosecute and house nonviolent offenders all stay in united states pockets. Once Drugs become legal, rebellious kids will run away like hell... Textbook human nature......

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