Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Our for fathers and God in our American way of life

We are at a critical time in the history of America. Two philosophies have clashed at a crossroads, and only one can prevail and continue forward. One denies God a place in government, while the other insists His ways are the very foundation of government. So we must ask ourselves, How long will the Lord continue to bless a people whose tendency is to turn their collective backs on Him?

When a nation recognizes Jehovah—the God of the Bible—as its Lord, then He favors that country with prosperity, protection, and stability. Right now, it is true that we as a nation are the recipients of God's rich blessings. But by the design of a few, America is being drawn away from the influence of Christianity. We can see the corruption that has resulted from the last century's attempts at ignoring the country's godly foundation. Our greatest enemy is not an external threat, but a menace within our own borders: our disintegrating moral character.

To steer our nation back onto the right path, Christians must speak up. Our next step is clear and simple: repent of the sin of willful ignorance—not only as individuals but also as a church—and get involved in the life of this nation. Jesus tells us to be salt and light, that is, to influence others with scriptural truth. (Matthew 5:13-14) One way to do this is by voting intelligently. Know the candidates' platforms, and vote according to the principles of God and our country, even if doing so won't benefit you personally. This is the believer's spiritual responsibility.

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By Charles Stanley Pastor intouch.org

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